CEREC One Visit Crowns

Come join us in the future – experience the convenience of one visit crowns with our in-house Cerec CAD CAMS. This remarkable system enables us to design and manufacture a crown with maximum levels of precision, and have it fitted all in a single, hour-long session. Using top of the line software, infrared, and CAD CAM technologies, this German innovation manufactures crowns with an unparalled accuracy - as opposed to the traditionally laborious method of making crowns. What used to mean having to take several trips to the dentist, now only means a one-time visit to Dentzz Dental. We also offer a 20 year warranty on all CEREC crowns.

3D CT Scan

One of the newest innovations in modern dentistry, 3D CT scan systems have revolutionized the method by which we perform dental implant surgery. They are essential for the accurate planning and placement of implants. Their power to assess vital structures like the nerves, teeth, roots, etc. with maximum precision makes them indispensable. With the level of accuracy imparted by the 3D CT scan machines, we can eliminate even the smallest chance of misdiagnosis. At Dentzz, we endeavour to stay at the apex of modern dental invention, and as a result, each of our centres are equipped with these state of the art machines.

Laser Dentistry

Dentzz Dental has always been at the forefront of modern innovation in oral healthcare. We are amongst the very few dental clinics in India to have incorporated laser technology into dentistry. Laser technology can be used within a wide spectrum of dental treatments – be it treating infections during root canal procedures, re-contouring of gums during smile makeovers, whitening of teeth, and even treating broken teeth below the gum line. There are several benefits to laser dentistry as opposed to dated, traditional methods. Some of these include a quicker recovery time and no post-operative pain. To allow no room for error, we also have a team of dentists who have received specialised training in laser dentistry.

T-Scan For Bite Accuracy

Within our arsenal of ultramodern technologies lies the T-Scan – a computerized occlusal analysis system. We pride ourselves on being amongst the handful of dental care centres in the world that use this cutting-edge technology. The T-Scan system is designed to measure and record relative biting forces over time. It accurately assesses the occlusion (bite) of the teeth, as well as other aspects such as bite force, location and timing. There are several dental applications for this high-tech machine. It is used in orthodontic treatments, in cosmetic dentistry, for locating painful teeth, and for bite adjustment (to name a few).

Teeth In One Day

Replacing missing teeth has never been easier! Gone are the days of ugly, shaky dentures and implant surgeries which take months to complete. At Dentzz Dental, we offer you the unique option of replacing your missing teeth with strong, new ones in a single day. Using state of the art German implant technology, we can replace a single tooth, a few teeth, or all of them within the span of 24 hours. This procedure is not only remarkably rapid, but virtually painless as well. The implants are designed with great accuracy and precision to emulate the look and feel of your natural ones.

Digital Smile Design

A compelling smile can make the world of a difference to a person’s appearance and their personality. At Dentzz, our panel of internationally trained dental aestheticians take great pleasure in bringing out your best smile. In our endeavour to do this, we have devised a revolutionary technology which helps design smiles. DSD or Digital Smile Design is a multifunction conceptual software for smile design. It allows for the designing of smiles to be a collaborative process between the patient and the dentist. With our unique DSD technology, you can be involved customizing your smile. This increased scope for participation not only puts our patients at ease but ensures that they get the exact results they want.

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